Trance Music Background Free MP3 Download (2023)

  • desert heat

    Royalty free, edgy, dark, hypnotic and moody progressive trance music with hypnotic synths, dreamy pads, floating sound effects and an energetic beat. Perfect for creating an immersive atmosphere for video game soundtracks, sci-fi trailers, fashion shows or any project that requires a futuristic backdrop.

    dancing until dawn

    A ghostly track of electronic trance with air piano, atmospheric pads, deep analog bass, strings and electric guitar. Perfect background for science and technology videos, advertising, urban videos, innovations, advanced developments, design, engineering and more.

    super speed

    Light, energetic rhythms, inspired by the European trance music of the 90s. Suitable for trance parties, club scenes and fast visual effects.

    Technological Magic

    Dynamic EDM dance background music with massive bass, hot pads, powerful kick drums and percussion. The track has an uplifting and driving feel with strong synths, light synth and deep synth bass. Suitable for inspirational presentations, commercial and broadcast content promotions, travel videos and more.

    Cyberpunk Planet

    Fly with music to a distant galaxy, explore the solar system and the space around you. This is a dark and energetic trance track with a strong sense of space. It features a throbbing bassline, powerful electronic drums and a piano element that appears in the full version of the track. Perfect for any content with action packed activities or anything space related.

    educational unit

    Dynamic and dreamy progressive trance music. This track is perfect for dynamic animations and presentations, extreme sports, intense training, high speed movements, young audiences, clubs, video parties, slideshows and more.

    Let's start

    This is a pulsating high energy EDM track with elements of trance and techno. With heavy bass, electrifying synths and strong rhythms. It's the perfect choice for highlights for extreme sports, club dance scenes, strength training and more.

    wandering lights

    Delicious trance music with pulsating rhythms, incredible synth sounds and a sea of ​​wide arpeggios. A truly touching track with an emotional impact. Create a very compelling background that will keep your audience spellbound.

    night city

    A dynamic and powerful electro-rock track with sexy male vocals. Perfect for exciting scene entrances, extreme adrenaline shows, sports games, extreme videos, sexy car commercials and exciting fashion content.

    they fall into a trance

    "Uplift your spirits with this short and inspiring EDM track. With pounding beats and soaring synth melodies, this track is sure to inspire and energize you.

    my return home

    Inspired by modern electronic music, this song is a true tour through the amazing, hypnotic and futuristic world of the digital soundscape. With a catchy dance beat, with repetitive techno drums and hypnotic trance beats. This unique combination is ideal for party clubs, information flow, visual effects, fast motion and other projects where a surreal atmosphere is required.

    euphoric moment

    Amazing trance track with atmospheric synthetic sound effects and a quiet arpeggiator in the background. Perfect soundscape for presentations, websites, video games and other multimedia projects. Type of background music you can listen to continuously.

    8 bit trance

    Get your spirits up with this short and inspiring EDM theme song. With strong beats and fast-paced synth melodies, this track is sure to inspire and energize you.

    electrical strip

    Very attractive, dynamic and powerful progressive trance track with modern synths, deep sounds and strong rhythms. Perfect for hi-tech images, sports clips, fashion promotions or ads, racing games, psychedelic montage effects, extreme competition videos and more.

    Time passes

    A chamber orchestra and an elegant, uplifting and inspiring piano melody. Vibrant spiccato strings are accompanied by lively brass instruments and a beautiful piano melody. Excellent classical music for wedding ceremonies, bridal procession, reception, birthday, festive atmosphere, romantic movie, entrance of newlyweds.

    Night walk

    This EDM soundtrack is a unique blend of synthwave and trance dance music. This song will make you feel like you are stepping back in time. It features multiple synths and drums, resulting in a retro-futuristic feel with modern sensibilities. Perfect for any project that calls for some retro nostalgia on the dance floor.

    conscience hack

    A dark and dynamic progressive trance song without royalties, with cool synths, hybrid bass, pads and strong rhythms. Ideal for technology, sports, lifestyle or youth content.

    android dream

    A game that sounds upbeat and feels like trance music that makes you move. High energy battery, fast and powerful. 8-bit music from Nintendo/iPad.

    dance wheels

    This energetic and funky dance floor contains the great atmosphere of a modern party. With synthesizers, drums and percussion, bass and vocal samples. Suitable for many types of media, including ads, proposals, presentations and podcasts. It's also good for fitness videos, dance parties, commercials, or any other casual projects.

    yellow airplane

    Trance and euphoric summer EDM music with non-stop beats for incredible multimedia projects. Best for YouTube videos, sports training, motivation, night parties, celebrations or other interesting and trendy events.

    corridor in the dark

    Short progressive trance track, exposing a lot of positivity and great feeling! It includes many of today's commercial sounds and instruments, suitable for dance floors, backgrounds, seminars or any commercial project.

    my emerald body

    It's a light, airy and transparent piece of relaxation, made with warm analog synth, pads and light drums. Perfect for corporate content, educational videos, nature views, presentations, drone videos and more. Use it in your projects to create a pleasant and stress-free environment.

    Space Drama

    90's trance style music track. Ideal for many uses, e.g. B2C, global advertising, spanning most countries in the world, trending and music festivals such as Coachella, Lost and Found Festival, etc.

    sunset in goa

    Annoying, energetic, fast and dangerous acid trance track, combining digital synth and throbbing drum beats. Ideal for PC games and all projects that need a new level of speed sensation.

    extreme descent

    This progressive, energetic and funky electro house track is perfect for a wide range of projects. Ideal for dance films, power projects, video clubs and training sessions. With great synths, drums, percussion and a great bass line.

    soul microchip

    A melodic sequence of trance music with heavy 90's beats. Perfect for setting the tone for a throwback dance event, late night party, interactive mall promotion, etc.

    deep mind

    Energetic, upbeat and uplifting teen/alt rock track that will transport you to the American College Movie campus on the first day of school! The video camera is on and all the students are running towards the entrance to see their first lesson of the year... It looks like the movie American Pie! Perfect for high energy segments, video presentations and teen TV shows.

    be smart

    Progressive and inspired EDM house music with amazing solos and a positive vibe throughout. Includes digital synths, deep bass and rhythms. This track is ideal for motivational video content. A perfect soundtrack for parades, sports matches, clubs and party video reports. A great piece to suit any project!


    This is a beautiful trance-style electronic composition with smooth, dreamy synths and a bell solo. This track can be used anywhere: as background music for business websites, games and movies, presentations, slideshows, TV shows, podcasts about nature, space, etc.

    smart technology

    Android Dream is a hypnotic and ethnic track that features female vocals, synth loops and drums to create a deep electronic hybrid track with a strong structure. The music evokes an ancient mystical atmosphere, with strong mood and energy.


    Modern and stylish euro trance track with dreamy synths, pulsating pads, futuristic elements and subtle bass line. Perfect for emotional moments, colorful multimedia projects, club dance parties, product launches and more.

    Wine Ya Corp

    This upbeat, fresh and upbeat EDM track brings happiness, joy and a romantic vibe to the coming summer. This song is perfect for videos related to summer vacation, travel, sun, beach, sea, yacht party, adventure, sports videos, workout, etc.

    dice dance

    This is a dynamic pop trance dance music track that can be used as a background in space battle games, action movies, YouTube promotional videos, presentations, TV or radio commercials, etc.

    black illusion

    Atmospheric Middle Eastern music with floating darbuka percussion loops and haunting dark female and male vocals. The melody captivates and plunges into a state of trance. It is a perfect musical backdrop for authentic cinema, sensual belly dance, beautiful desert videos, oriental documentaries, mandala meditation, shamanic practice.

    deep space

    Positive and uplifting EDM trance instrumental. It features lots of digital synths, huge surfaces, processed female vocals, throbbing bass and drums. This track is perfect for Youtube videos, presentations, commercials and vlogs.

    Transformation X

    Positive ecstasy dynamic range. Huge and wide synth, powerful thump and fast bass.

    summer road

    A melodic techno-style music sequence with strong influences from 90's dance music. Cool and hot... this electronic track just doesn't stop! Focused and energetic, this track is ideal for promoting action videos, car and motorcycle commercials, extreme sports and hot video productions.

    age of darkness

    A great and powerful piece of techno trance music. Perfect for nightclub, rave party and youth oriented visual scene. It is also good for physical exercise and extreme sports.

    trance universe

    Royalty free progressive house track in the style of Eric Prydz and Deadmau5. With inspired tracks and trance rhythms.

    ufo hunter

    It is a beautiful and uplifting composition with trance notes and a sweet and dreamy synth solo. This track can be used anywhere: as music, backgrounds for websites, games and movies, professional projects, corporate YouTube videos, hi-tech presentations, photo slideshows, etc.


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