[Top 15] Best Commanders in MTG (2023)

The Top 15 Commanders in Magic! The meeting

Magic! The Gathering took the world by storm and became one of the greatest card games of all time. The game was released in 1993 and has undergone many format changes.

On July 17, 2011, Wizards of the Coast released a new format called Commander, in which the deck size increased from 60 cards to 100 cards and 40 health instead of 20, allowing for longer games, more action, and infinite customization.

A commander was any legendary creature that was adjacent to your field in the commander's special zone. So with the options available, which one do you use? So, in this list I will discuss who I consider to be the top 15 commanders to choose from.

15. Aesi, Tyrant of Gyre Strait

[Top 15] Best Commanders in MTG (1)

While this card isn't necessarily mind-blowing, being able to use its ability to play an extra Land card every turn is invaluable for quickly dominating your opponents once you can summon this card and as long as you can continue to you draw the card. .sure. mana or you have enough mana research, you can take advantage of this ability, but later in the game this ability becomes increasingly useless. The upside, however, is that every time you play a land, you get to draw an extra card, giving you 3 draws per round, with no cost and no debut, giving that card the number 15.

14. Llanowar Abomination

[Top 15] Best Commanders in MTG (2)

Llanowar's Abomination is a great commander choice, as its ability was a bit mediocre in Standard Magic games, but in commander form it can turn into a massive snowball of destruction. While the ability isn't too monumental early in the game, unlike the last entry, it becomes more effective as the game progresses. Green decks are often full of Elf cards, and Black is a great color to banish cards to your graveyard if you wish, creating an opportunity to damage your opponents with this 3 mana card. While this card may not have made it to tournaments, it can definitely be a solid choice for people looking to start a commander's journey, and it can be used in a number of ways.

13. Marwyn the Educator

[Top 15] Best Commanders in MTG (3)

This legendary, like the last entry, works well in Elven decks. Like the last entry, this card gets more powerful for each elf you play. However, unlike the last entry, this card has an even better ability that allows you to tap this card to add huge bursts of mana to your pool. bring more elves by further improving this commander. Many players found themselves in a situation where they weren't sure whether to use their mana to draw more monsters, affect the opponent's board, or save their mana for defenses. Well, this card can save that option by allowing you to do all of the above. Not necessarily a winner on her own, but she can definitely be responsible for a lot of power plays.

12. Obuun, ancestor of Mul Daya

[Top 15] Best Commanders in MTG (4)

This legendary creature also works well with land cards thanks to its ability to touch land. This commander gives you land to fight. From your first turn, you have the ability to get a 4/4 land creature to attack your opponent right away, before they can play their first land if you're first, or seriously screw up any defenses if you're second. With patience, you'll be able to drop a powerful monster late game, green and white, which can allow you to have it ready with trample and even lifeline that will work well in your favor even if you don't win. immediately.

11. Animate the soul two elements

[Top 15] Best Commanders in MTG (5)

Here we have another late game monster. This card gets +1/+1 for each creature you summon. While this in itself is a great effect, it also reduces the non-special mana cost of the creatures you can cast, making even some of the biggest cards in a deck cost next to nothing. This card also allows you to wipe out the trample and haste punishment prevalent on green and haste cards throughout the red meta. He's definitely not a commander to scoff at, especially since he only costs 3 mana.

10. Atreos God of passage

[Top 15] Best Commanders in MTG (6)

This card is good in normal games but in Commander it becomes a true god. Allowing you to defend unhittable creatures with literally anything you have on the field and being able to get your defender back unless your opponent pays alive is one of the best win-win situations. Known as a Chaos deck, for good reason), his ability will also work on any black card that requires you to dedicate a monster. you can put that creature back into your hand unless your opponent pays life. The possibilities and combinations with this card are endless.

9. God-Eternal Kefnet

[Top 15] Best Commanders in MTG (7)

This is another card that becomes extremely powerful and divine in Commander. One of the best ways to stop Commanders is to banish them. With this card's special ability, it makes it impossible to banish this creature, allowing it to always return to the commander's zone. However, his first ability is extremely useful in Commander, where you are only allowed 1 copy of each card, you can use this card to double any instant or sorcery spell, giving you a huge advantage even without the reduced mana cost. A must for any mill rig.

8. Heliodos, god of the sun

[Top 15] Best Commanders in MTG (8)

Heliod is another commander that has great abilities, so you don't even need to summon this creature to take full advantage of what this card has to offer. Every monster you summon has vigilance, and being able to use this card to constantly summon creature tokens to complete your army only increases the power this card can bring to your deck. Add to that the primary first strike and life link abilities and you become a serious snowball threat.

7. Karamitra, god of crops

[Top 15] Best Commanders in MTG (9)

As a green-white player, Karametra God of Harvest is a nice card to have in standard MTG, but in Commander it can be extremely broken. Allowing yourself to bring whatever land you need is very powerful in a two-color deck, never having to worry about drawing the right land for your hand again when you can summon any number of creatures with a single mana cost and get the other color. away from your deck and when you can do it every turn, mana management is a breeze. then when you have the cards to cast this creature you can upgrade it with life link trample and even vigilance or double strike and you have a true monster that is extremely hard to take out with the indestructible.

6. Mogis, god of slaughter

[Top 15] Best Commanders in MTG (10)

This God can be destructive. There really isn't much to say about the power of this card, it deals 2 damage or kills 1 monster every turn. The more players in the game, the more devastating this card will be. This card is a must for any registration deck and since this card is also black it means the possible combinations this card can use are endless.

5. Erebus, god of the dead

[Top 15] Best Commanders in MTG (11)

This card is another one that made a nice addition to a standard black deck, however, in a monochrome Commander deck, this card can be completely broken. If this card is combined with vampires, the life cost to draw cards changes. Meanwhile, as you continue to gain life from all your Lifelink cards, this commander prevents your opponents from gaining life, meaning managing your health becomes much more complicated as every point counts and when they're gone, they're gone. It's definitely not a deck to be taken lightly, and it deserves its place here.

4. Rey Segador

[Top 15] Best Commanders in MTG (12)

In standard formats, Rainbow decks are some of the most difficult to play, with a lot of mana to manage and many different color-specific setups needed to be effective. However, in Commander, these decks really shine. Flexibility and unpredictability can be an uphill battle for any opponent. King Reaper's ability, when combined with multiple scarecrow cards, can keep many opponents fighting just to hold their field. With the ability to destroy ANY permanent, you can keep mana out of your field, artifacts, monsters, the possibilities are endless.

3. Phaenax, god of deception

[Top 15] Best Commanders in MTG (13)

If you haven't been lucky enough to find this card yet, consider yourself lucky. This creature is the god of all windmill decks, it only costs 5 mana to summon and is available once you have the right mana to do so, it can unleash chaos that would make even Jace jealous. If you combine this card with Consuming Aberration, you'll be able to destroy decks faster than your opponent can say "what does this card do?" What makes this card even more broken is the combination of two colors, blue and black. with all the milling and counter-attacking you'll be doing, few opponents will make it out with their sanity intact.

2. Yawgmoth, Médico Thran

[Top 15] Best Commanders in MTG (14)

This creature at the time of writing is the most widely used commander in the format. I only give this card a number 2 because I feel like there is a better card to run with, you can't argue with the results. This creature allows you to put a –1/-1 counter on another creature at the cost of another sacrificed creature. If you do, you can draw a card, and if you do, you can pay 2 black mana to discard a card and give an extra -1/-1 token to any creature that has one. With cards like wither and brain rot, you can quickly destroy creatures with only negative counters. It seems that when it comes to aggressive decks, this card reigns supreme.

1. Edgar Markov

[Top 15] Best Commanders in MTG (15)

This card, in my opinion, might be one of the most broken commander cards, his prominent ability allows this card to multiply his vampires with ease. Every time you call one, you immediately get another. If you play a waiting game long enough, you'll eventually be able to summon this card to the field and gain +1/+1 counters on EVERY Vampire card you permanently control. Add charms or auras that give your vampires alertness and attack initiative if they don't already have them, and your opponents will be facing an army of vampires that will increase their HP faster and faster each turn unless the opponent it uses cards on you that you can counter. or banish your monsters. However, since this card also shares a red color, it allows you to reduce these efforts with cards like Number of Wars, which consume all of your mana even if they only use 1. Also, your powerful vampire army it can. increase your life even more at the cost of war, since it can make the opponent attack with whatever creatures they have. If they don't have trample and/or vigilance, you'll essentially leave them defenseless for the next turn, and you can take a nice health boost in the process.

This article is by no means a definitive list, it's just my opinion and interpretation of the cards that I feel are strong commander cards to use. If you disagree with this list, that's fine, everyone has their own opinion on which is the strongest or their favorite. Who do you think is the strongest commander you've ever used? If you liked this list, you might want to check out these opinions on the topic.

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