Scoopwoop: 60 years of Bollywood in 4 chords Lyrics | Mashup Tracklist - Rewindcaps (2023)

Bollywood is an industry that has dominated our hearts for close to a century. And credit must be given to the biggest film industry in the world for gifting us with all these timeless songs for all moods and genres. The Hindi music industry has provided us with songs for virtually every occasion and mood, be it romance, party, sadness or celebration just to name a few. With De De Khuda ke Nam pe Pyare de Alam Ara, the first Bollywood song, this small step of music took a giant leap in human history. To pay homage to Bollywood, Scoopwhoop created a musical version in which they covered over thirty songs on guitar, and these songs were from a time zone between old retro 1950s and post modern 2013. They only used four chords to cover them all to play songs. This medley was played on guitar only. Chords are easy and fans can learn them quickly. But the pace is hard to keep up with as it rises and falls depending on the track. The chord progression is fast and smooth with foot stomps and a groovy rhythm. The chords that the artist used in this mashup are in the G major scale and are played with the G, Em, C and D chords [4 chords].

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  • Original Combo-Video
  • 60 Years Bollywood Lyrics in 4 Chords by ScoopWhoop
  • Guitar chords used not mashup
  • Guitar lessons/video tutorial

Original Combo-Video

60 Years Bollywood Lyrics in 4 Chords by ScoopWhoop

This moon is a bright face. Film: Kashmir Ki Kali | Year: 1964
Yeh chaand sa roshan chehra
Zulfon ka klingelte sunehera
Yeh zheel si neeli aankhein
Who is king in my heart?

Ae Dil Mujhe Bata De | Filme: Bhai Bhai | Year: 1956
Bataade Aye Dil Mujhe
Tu Kis Pe Aagaya Hai
Who are you?
Khwaabon Pe Chah Gya Hai

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Aaj kal tere mere pyar ke charchey | Filme: Bhai Bhai | Year: 1968
Aaj Kal Tere Mere Pyaar Ke
Charchey Har Zubaan Par
Everyone knows
or any news
For what …

(Video) ScoopWhoop: 60 Years Of Bollywood In 4 Chords

Mere saamne waali khidki me | Filme: Padosan | Year: 1968
Mere Samne Wali Khidki Me
A piece of the moon remains

Khwaab tum ya koi hakiqat | Filme: Teen Deviant | Year: 1965
You're my dream
where are you fighting
How much of the challenge can I eat?
Aur kareeb aa jao

Chala jaata hun kisi ki hun ich | Filme: Mera Jeevan Saathi | Year: 1972
Chala Jaata Hun Kisiki Dhoon Me
Dhadakte Dil Ke Tarane Liye

Hai apna dil awaara | Filme: Solva-Saal | Year: 1958
Hey my heart for Aawara
Na jane pe ayegaa

Ah... this... this...

Dil Dekho Dekho Kostenloser Mp3-Download Filme: Dil Dekho Dekho | Ano:
see the heart
see the heart
Dil deke dekho ji
Dil lene waalo
please give heart

You did not see me. Film: Tumsa Nahi Dekha | Year: 1957
Tumsa nahi deja
Hey! you did not see

Udey Jab-Jab Julfein Teri | Filme: A Nova Era | Year: 1957
Ude jabjab zulfe teri
Ude jabjab zulfe teri
Kill the carnivores in the Machle.
loving You

wrong story by Dhaley Khidki | Film: Albela | Year: 1951
conto simulado de dhaley khidki
Tum seeti bajaana chhoddo

(Video) ScoopWhoop: 60 Years Of Bollywood Part II | SW Cafe | Session V

Shola jo bhadke | Filme: Albela | Year: 1951
Shola jo bhadke
my heart touches you
El dolor de Jawaani
badh badhke

The Lord who is your father is going to see you. Filme: Pyaasa | Year: 1957
Sarjo tera chakraaye
Ja dil dooba jaaye
Aaja pyare paas hamare
Kaahe ghabaraaye kaahe ghabaraaye

Ah... this... this...

Ye dosti hum nhi todnge | Movie: Sholay | Year: 1975
Yes, friendship
Hum nahi todenge
todenge dum magar
Tera saath naa chhodengey

Ek ajnabi haseena se | Filme: Ajnabee | Year: 1974
From a strange Hasina
Yu Mulakat Ho Gyi

Ye shaam mastani | Filme: Kati Patang | Year: 1971
her vergonha mastaani
madahosh kiye jaye
Muje puerta koi kheenchey
Teri o liye jaaye

Mom's birthmark will be gone for a day. Movie: Dharam Karam | Year: 1975
The value of the land will one day be sold.
Jag me reh jayenge pyaare tere bol

What happened, what happened. Film: Hum Kisise Kam Nahi | Year: 1977
What happened?
Wo Kasam Wo Irada

Dil Dhunta Hai | Movie: Mausam | Year: 1975
Dil dhoondhtaa hai
Aaah… aah
Dil dhoondhtaa hai
shower... shower

(Video) ScoopWhoop: 20 Years Of Kishore Kumar | SW Cafe | Session VI

Hum dono do premi | Filme: Ajanabee Ano:
Hum dono do premi
chale chod mundial
The buzz of Saari life
Rasmey Tod Cottage

Kanchi Rei Kaanchi Rei | Filme: Hare Rama Hare Krishna | Ano: 1971
kaanchi rey kaanchi rey
preétame saanchi
Ruk ja naa ja dil todke

Sometimes in my heart Movie: Kabhie Kabhie | Year: 1976
Kabhi Kabhi Mere Dil Me
thoughts came
Ke Jaise Tujh Ko
what was done to me

Banco chali dekho | Movie: Kurukshetra | ano 2000
Banthan chali bolo sí jaati rey jaati rey
Banthan chali bolo aye jaati rey

Anjaani raanhon mein | Filme: Meri Jaan Hindustan | Year: 1997
Anjaani raanhon mein tu kya
phirey dhunta
Puerta jis ko samjha woto
passe hai tere

Dil hai chota sa | Filme: Rot | Year: 1992
Dil hai chota sa, chota si aasha
Masti bhare mann ki bholi si aasha

Haaye re haaye | Movie: Cowboys | Year: 1998
Ei re haye re haye rabba
Ei re haye re haye rabba
Jeeta Jagta Taj Mahal Mera Hai Na

Tum geht ja | Filme: Kuch Kuch Hota Hai | Year: 1998
Paso Tum Aye Yun Muskaraaye
You don't know what dreams you see

Na tum jaano na hum | Filme: Kaho Na Pyaar Hai | Year: 2000
And now around and humming
And now around and humming

(Video) ScoopWhoop: 20 Years Of Love Songs (2000-2020) | SW Cafe

Me koi aisa geet gau | Filme: Ja Chef | Year: 1997
Yo Koi Aisa Geet Gau
Ki Aarzoo Jagau
Agar Tum Kaho

First Addiction | Film: Jo Jeta Wohi Sikander | Year:
The first drug, the first product.
New love, new expectation.
Karlu me kya apna haal
Sim dil-ae-bekaraar

the followers of God | Movie: Whatever Happens, Part 2 | Year: 2006
Ke Allah ke bandey hasde
God's people
Allah's followers have
What happens tomorrow will come again

Iktara | Filme: Accorde Sid | Year 2009
Gunjassa hai koi iktaara iktaara
Gunjassa hai koi iktaara
Gunjassa hai koi iktaara iktaara
Gunjassa hai koi iktaara

Yuhi chala chala raahi | Filme: Swades | Year: 2004
Yun Hallo Chal Chal Raahi
Yun Hallo Chal Chal Raahi
Jeevan Gaadi Hai Samay Pahiyan

Cabira | Filme: Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani | Year 2013
Re Kabira Maan Jaa
Re Fakeera Maan Jaa

the followers of God | Movie: Whatever Happens, Part 2 | Year: 2006
Ke Allah ke bande hasde
God's people
Allah ke bande hasde
whatever happens tomorrow

Guitar chords used not mashup

number of chords: 4
used chords: G, D, Em and C (open chords)
batting pattern: DDU DDU or DDU UDU
Tip: Play the first tee on the low strings only.

More than 30 songs | Coffee – Scoopwoop Bollywood Mashup
Cara de Ye Chand sa Roshan –Cachemira Ki Kali| Also: 1964
Ae Dil Mujhe Bta Dey – Bhai Bhai | Year: 1956
Aaj Kal Tere Mere Pyaar Ke Charchey – Bhai Bhai | Year: 1968
My friends are in the room - neighbors. Year: 1968
Khwaab tum ya koi hakeeqat – Teen Devian | Year: 1965
I walk in someone's heart: Mere Jeevan Saathi. Year: 1972
Hai apna dil to awaara – Solva Saal | Year: 1958
Dil-deke-dekho – Dil-deke-dekho | Year: 1959
Tumsa nahi dejá - Tumsa nahi dejá | Years: 1957
Udey jab-jab juliefein teri – Naya Daur | Year: 1957
Conto de shaam dhaley khidki – Albela | Year: 1951
Shola jo bhadke – Albela | Year: 1951
Sir jo tera chak raaye – Pyaasa | Year: 1957
Ye dosti hum nhi todnge – Sholay | Year: 1975
Ek ajnabi haseena se – Ajnabee | Year: 1974
Ye Shaam Mastaani – O Melhor de Ye Shaam Mastaani | Ano:
Mother Price will sell one day - Dharam Karam | Year: 1975
What happened to you - Hum Kisse Kaam Nahi | Year: 1977
Dil Dhundta Hai – Mausam | Year: 1975
Hum dono do premi – Ajanabee | Year: 1974
Kanchi rey kaanchi rey – Hare Rama Hare Krishna | Year: 1971
Always in my heart - always Year: 1976
Mire a Ban-than Chali – Kurukshetra. Year: 2000
Anjaani raanhon mein – Meri Jaan Indonesia | Year: 1997
Dil Hai Chota Sa – Rot | Year: 1992
Haaye re haaye – Jeans | Year: 1998
Tum pass aye – Kuch kuch hota hai | Year: 1998
Na tum jaano na hum – Kaho na pyaar hai. Year: 2000
Me koi aisa geet gau – Ja, Boss. Year: 1997
Erste Sucht – Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar | Ano:
Devotees of God - Whatever Happens Part 2 | Year: 2006
Iktaara - Acorde Sid | what 2009
Yuhi chala chala raahi – Schwaden | Year: 2004
Kabira – Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani | Year 2013

Guitar lessons/video tutorial

(Video) 60 Years of Bollywood | 3 Chords | Ukulele Cover | Manvi Anand

This mashup was performed by the versatile Ankur Dobriyal on vocals and the amazing Akshay Nayar on guitar. His exceptional performances are truly mesmerizing. What makes this mashup captivating is the list of songs they pulled from each decade. The songs come from all genres and they have handpicked all the perennial chart hits that drive us absolutely crazy. Retro and modern tunes have been euphonically mixed and matched and the entire soundtrack is simply serenaded and soulful. Using just 4 simple chords, this duo simply worked magic on screen. The mashup is addictive and compels listening around the campfire or in a jam session with your friends.


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