I Spent My Retirement Traveling: Here Are 9 Resorts Retirees Will Love (2023)

You areretired- and vaccinated - and it's time to enjoy a well-deserved and probably long-awaited vacation. You can plan a stay of a few weeks with no time constraints, and you'll appreciate the convenience of a destination where you can arrive, unpack, and enjoy food and most local activities.

How manyPensioner, you're ready to try something new or start a new hobby and want to continue (or start) focusing on your wellness and health. The right mix of relaxation and activity, opportunities to spend time outdoors, pampering and fun should complete the picture. A place designed for adults might be ideal, and perhaps a (brief) visit and some entertainment for thosegrandchildren and familyIt would work well, especially if your gatherings were limited last year.

We researched a few places based on these services and here are some suggestions for you. We hope at least one captures your vacation imagination and helps you plan.

Suncadia Tourist Center: Cle Elum, Washington

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This picturesque hotel is located in the Cascade Mountains of Washington and in the Wenatchee Washington National Forest.appealoffers rich landscapes, pure mountain air and a variety of outdoor activities. Choose between The Lodge, with panoramic river and mountain views, or The Inn, an elegant lodge overlooking the golf course.

Play golf, try archery or grab an ax and take it to the target. (Yes, hatchet throwing is a hot new activity!) Hike or hike the deer and elk trails, rent a bike, canoe or kayak, or find your inner artist with a resort-provided acrylic paint kit or a kind of tie dye. Start your day with a guided meditation or outdoor full-body workout. Treat yourself to a spa treatment. In case the grandkids come to visit, Suncadia has a pool, a teddy bear factory, and plenty of opportunities to play.

Big Cedar Cabin: Ridgedale, Missouri

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this desertappeallocated in the Ozark Mountains of Missouri on 4,600 acres of natural beauty. A wide range of accommodations allows you to choose the perfect accommodation, whether it be one of three Grand Lodges, a cozy private log cabin, a luxury home or a glamping unit at Camp Long Creek.

Five golf courses and practice facilities include the new Payne's Valley course, driving range, full swing simulator, and Tom Watson golf course. Sharpen your aim with sporting targets, American Skeet and more at Bass Pro Shops Shooting Academy. Hike, bike, take a scenic nature walk, or ride an electric cart up Top of the Rock Lost Canyon to see waterfalls and lake views. There are fitness classes, exercise machines and a personal trainer available. When the grandkids come to visit, they'll love the Kids Adventure Club and Nature Discovery Center.

Rancho Lone Mountain: Big Sky, Montana

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Only 18 miles from Yellowstone National ParkRanchoLocated in the Rocky Mountains of Montana, approximately 40 minutes from the Bozeman airport. Stay in one of 27 historic log cabins with one to six bedrooms, each individually named, with wood-burning stoves, cozy rustic furnishings, full baths, a wooded setting, and stunning views.

In true ranch style, there's horseback riding with backcountry trails and expert cowboys to provide an unforgettable experience for riders of all levels and ages, as well as guided nature hikes, mountain biking, and fly-fishing for novice anglers. or experienced. Paddle out in a canoe or kayak, or spend a day floating down the Madison River in a tube. Take a trip to Yellowstone National Park organized by an experienced guide. Start the day with an outdoor yoga class, then enjoy some archery or hatchet throwing. Adventure programs for teens are also offered.

Missionspunkt: Isla Mackinac, Michigan

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this boardwalkappealit has the longest lakefront on the island, and guests can stay in the Main Lodge or the more secluded Straits Lodge, which has dog-friendly rooms. The rooms and suites in both cabins are comfortably furnished, and the Bois Blanc Suite offers 1,500 square feet, a full kitchen, and laundry room, perfect for extended stays.

Relax on the sprawling lawn in an Adirondack chair, walk downtown for shopping (don't miss the famous Mackinac Island Fudge), play golf, swim in the pool, or soak in a hot tub to your heart's content. Enjoy an afternoon at the Lakeside Spa and Salon. A National Historic Landmark, the island's vintage feel is enhanced by the motor vehicle ban, historic architecture, and laid-back pace. Take a carriage ride to learn more about the island and be transported back in time.

Montage Palmetto Bluff: Bluffton, Carolina del Sur

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The rooms, suites, cabins and residences are available in20,000 acre communityfeaturing a nature preserve, two quaint towns, a riverside marina and the Jack Nicklaus Signature Golf Course, making it easy to choose accommodations for your visit. If you fall in love with the Lowcountry lifestyle, mossy oaks, and natural beauty, you may find a permanent home there, as many visitors have over the years.

Play golf at the May River Golf Club, kayak, canoe or take a boat trip and watch the dolphins sail by with you. Sound stations for sports roam a 40-acre wood for target practice and games. Tennis, bocce ball and pickleball courts are available for games and lessons if you want to brush up on your skills. Take a walk or bike ride through the wooded trails. When the family comes to visit, the little ones will enjoy the Paintbox for games, crafts, movies, scavenger hunts, nature walks and outdoor activities, and marvel at the tree houses while climbing up the gazebo.

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Punta Cavallo: Sausalito, California

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Located at the base of San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge and situated on 75,000 acres in the Golden Gate National Recreation Area.Pontus horseoffers breathtaking scenery, world-class dining, and a variety of experiences. Historic architecture meets contemporary design, allowing guests to choose from contemporary or historic rooms, many with views of San Francisco Bay, in a tranquil setting just minutes from the city.

Walk, bike, run or hike during the day and spend the evenings around an outdoor fire pit. Join a guided hike, yoga class, sunset cruise, or exciting seaplane or helicopter tour. At the Healing Arts Center & Spa, guests can choose from a variety of wellness experiences. Cooking classes and demonstrations are offered, and at the Cavallo Point Oyster Experience, Chef Tony Adams shells and grills fresh oysters, served with expertly paired wines and cocktails. Camp Cavallo for Kids keeps them busy with nature walks, art, games, and historical exploration.

Arizona Biltmore: Phoenix, Arizona

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If classic luxury is the vacation style you're looking for, this recently renovated hotel is it.arizona biltmore, a Waldorf Astoria resort, should be at the top of your list. Built in 1929, the 84-acre estate at the base of Phoenix Mountain Preserve evokes Old Hollywood glamor with 701 accommodations (including 36 suites, 28 cottages, 54 villas) and Frank Lloyd Wright-influenced design.

Closed for more than a year for major renovations, the resort reopened in May 2021 with new restaurants, a day spa and seven pools, including an adults-only pool and a family pool with a 20-meter waterslide. Play golf, tennis or pickleball or take advantage of concierge arrangements for hot air ballooning, stargazing, biking, hiking and more. At Tierra Luna Spa, choose from a variety of curated therapies or join a yoga or water aerobics class. Be sure to order a tequila sunrise at Wright Bar, where the cocktail was invented.

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Bungalows in Key Largo: Key Largo, Florida

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OAdults-only all-inclusive resortit is a tropical oasis where you can choose from a variety of activities or simply relax in a poolside cabana. Stay in an oceanfront bungalow or among lush gardens with an outdoor tub and shower.

Water sports include kayaking, paddle boarding, snorkeling, and swimming in the protected bay, where you can watch manatees and dolphins gliding by. Put on your scuba gear to float among colorful native fish. Take a yoga class on the beach or get your own workout in at the full-service Fitness Tiki Hut, then head to the Zen Garden Spa for a relaxing massage in the steam room, sauna, or open-air treatment cabin. Find your seat at the Sunset pool and enjoy cold drinks while soaking up the sun. Watch the sunset with a cocktail in hand on a catamaran cruise.

Rancho Bernardo Inn: San Diego, California

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Surrounded by lush gardens, rooms, suites and rooms specially designed for people with reduced mobility provide a secluded environment. Private patios and balconies offer views of the garden, spa, or golf course. EITHERappealSan Diego's 250 acres and its perfect climate offer opportunities for outdoor dining and outdoor activities.

Play golf on the immaculate 18-hole course, relax by the pool or play lawn games like cornhole, croquet or oversized connect four. Stroll through the Chef's Garden to see where the restaurant's fresh ingredients come from or get ideas for your garden at home. Spend time at the spa, take a sunset yoga class, or arrange a private session. A private falconry encounter allows you to interact with a trained raptor. When the little ones come to visit, they'll love the "Dive Movies" in the family pool, the well-equipped game room, and the nearby San Diego attractions.

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