Everything you need to know about Playacar - Mexico (2023) (2023)

Have you heard of...toy car?

when I movedCarmen beachMe neithersablethis place existed.

crazy right? It was right under my nose!

You'll wish you knew sooner.

Stay tuned as I'm about to brighten and brighten up your next Christmas outlook.

You can thank me later 😛

Everything you need to know about Playacar:

  1. Location of Playacar
  2. What is the difference between phase 1 and phase 2?
  3. The best resorts in Playacar
  4. Playacars Playa
  5. Mayan Ruins in Playacar
  6. The best restaurants in Playacar
  7. occurred
  8. Shopping
  9. housing and real estate
  10. Weddings in Playacar

As soon as I heard about Playacar, I was forced to keep coming back.

I have stayed in severalHotels in the area, better eatenrestaurantsand swam in its glorious waters.

It is my favorite place to spend weekends in Playa del Carmen.

Now I'm here to bring you some inside information. 🙂

Whether you're planning a stay in Playacar or just want to spend a day or two exploring while you're here, we highly recommend it.

The beach alone is worth a visit.

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1. Location

Almost everyone has heard of him.cancun.

most know themriviera maya.

And some people knowCarmen beach

More Playcar?

Bit. Strange.

It's foundSouth zone of Playa del CarmenThis gated community is known for its luxury residential villas, all-inclusive resorts, and luxury golf clubs.

Each year it attracts a curious mix of vacationers, most of whom return again and again, calling it their "favorite spot in the Playa del Carmen area." I take

oPraiait's nice hereTollcompared to the city center, but more on that later.

Everything you need to know about Playacar - Mexico (2023) (2)

just minutes awayfamous 5th avenue, hidden in the leafy jungle of Playacar is thatlesser known placeon your next visit to Playa del Carmen!

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2. Phase 1 and Phase 2

Playacar is really a bit hiddencomposed of two phases.

if you are fairvisit for the dayor want to explore the ruins and beach in Playacar, the best place to start is phase 1.

Phase 1– is much smaller, composedmainly residential buildingsIt's asome small hotels.

The entrance is at the south end of 5th Avenue.

take a walk through5. pedestrian walkway,and when you get to the end of 5th Avenue near Fundadores Park, continue towards iShop.

Everything you need to know about Playacar - Mexico (2023) (3)

Then turn left out of the shopping center and you will immediately see the white barricades of the entrance gate of Playacar Fase 1.

(Video) PLAYA DEL CARMEN - ULTIMATE TRAVEL GUIDE 2023 | Everything You Need To Know Before Visiting

Follow the signs and you will come to the road.the ruins and the beach.

Or, if walking isn't your thing, you can always do itquickly take a taxifrom the center of Playa to the entrance of phase 1 of Playacar for approx.70 Peso (3 US-Dollar).

If you are looking for an all-inclusive resort for your stay in Playacar, you will probably stay at the Playacar Fase 2.

Level 2– is much larger and includes agreat golf course, houses, condominiums, an aviary, a bird park, a small commercial district and several all-inclusive hotels.

Both areas are easily accessible to visitors and are popular with taxi drivers, tour operators, and hotel shuttle services.

However, you will have no trouble finding them for your reference...

Phase 1 has just endedan entry, which is the same as output.

phase 2 hat4 entriesand outlets, but the main one is at the end of 10th Avenue, near the south end of 5th Avenue.

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3. The best resorts in Playacar

Due to Playacar's prime location, many quick-thinking resorts have built their properties here.

That being said, I love how Playacar maintains itscalm and quiet environment. In other words, it is not exaggerated andNOWIt is the perfect time to visit.

If you are looking to spend your next vacation in the Riviera Maya, Playacar is the best option in my humble opinion.

I'm not biased, that's just the truth.

For the purpose of this blog, I selected3 of my favorite resorts in phase 2.

However, if you would like access to all of your options with one of our professional travel contacts here at PlayaDelCarmen.Com, please contact us viakundenbetreuung@playadelcarmen.com.

We can help you find the best deal for you or your group while we take care of your reservation and make sure you get the most out of it.benefits/discountsAvailable for you.

Royal Hideaway Playacar

Are you looking for seclusion without isolation?

Look no further!

oroyal havenIt's aadults only resortperched perfectly on the pristine white sands of Playacar.

At this hotel you can expect to be treated like royalty with personalized service and sumptuous surroundings.

Each villa has its own concierge.

Everything you need to know about Playacar - Mexico (2023) (4)

It is a small and intimate complex with only200 Mexican-style rooms offer luxury,Comfort and a list of amenities.

Choose from 6 elegant restaurants and 3 bars.

The resort also offers 6 pools, tennis, entertainment and activities, and a world-class spa.

It is the perfect place for a romantic getaway.

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Riu Palace Playacar

Guests of all ages will be delighted.Riu Palace Playacar.

This family resort offers day and night activities, entertainment, shows and music.

Enjoy everything from windsurfing to a relaxing massage.

We even have the option to box our own.Very low pricesnight Riu Palace Playacar comratefrom USA and Canada.

(Video) What Is Playa Del Carmen, MEXICO like in 2023?

The best part?

Everything you need to know about Playacar - Mexico (2023) (5)

we even provide itfree private airport pick upfor stays of 5 nights or more.

Just one of the many good reasons to spend your next vacation at the Riu Palace Playacar.

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Iberostar Quetzal

the best 5*,affordable all inclusivespa in the area?Oh Iberostar Quetzal.

Family fun in the sun awaits!

Iberostar resorts around the world have earned theirsdeserved credibilityfor its unparalleled activities, world-class service, and incredible room options.

Everything you need to know about Playacar - Mexico (2023) (6)

At this amazing resort, you can kayak or catamaran, join a game of beach volleyball, or play tennis.

Or, for a more relaxed experience, order a drink by the pool, enjoy a massage on the beach, or relax in the comfort of your deluxe room and order room service.

Das Iberostar Quetzal hat alles!

There are many more hotels to choose from within Playacar to discuss in more detail. Please contact us atkundenbetreuung@playadelcarmen.com, we are here to help.

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4. Playacar-Playa

For me, Playacar beach is one of the biggest draws in the area, I spend many weekends on this particular beach because it is close to home and one of my favorites in the entire Riviera Maya, and that is saying something.

Playacar beach is exceptionally wide and wide for this region.rarely full.

It is the perfect place to watch the sunset or top up your tan.

In the past, people drove directly to Playacar from the city center, but due to theStranderosion, which is sometimes difficult in a direct race.

Everything you need to know about Playacar - Mexico (2023) (7)

The best thing is to enter Playacar and then you will find a small entrance to the beach.

Playacar Phase 1 tends toless populatedbecause there are not many hotels nearby.

Phase 2 is still nice, just a little busier due to hotel guests.

I took this photo at sunset with my iPhone, pretty amazing right?

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5. Maya-Ruins in Playacar

Mayan ruins in Mexico are not limited to justChichen ItzamiTulumThere are actually thousands of these fascinating structures throughout the Yucatan.

Many of them have not yet been discovered.

I was surprised to discover the Mayan ruins in Playacar Phase 1 when I first visited them, mainly because I was unaware of their discreet existence.

Everything you need to know about Playacar - Mexico (2023) (8)

These particular ruins are calledShaman-yesand consist of a collection of dilapidated stone buildingsused by the Maya until the 16th century.

You can't touch or climb the ruins, but you can get up close to take photos.

One thing that has struck me on any visit to these ruins and other ruins in the area is that there always seems to be a suspicious crowd of iguanas guarding the structures and climbing the rocks. Be on the lookout for your next visit and let me know. in the comments if you see them - you too!

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i'm in them

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6. The best restaurants in Playacar

When looking for Playacar, don't be fooled by Google's lack of food recommendations.

I'll be honest, on my first visit to this area I wasn't expecting much for this very reason. I just don't think there's much.

Best bet?

Ask the locals how I did it or follow some of my suggestions from the experiences below...

Sofia House – Italian

Do you love Italian? This place is a must!

It's acozy and quaintSetting that has become a local favorite.

Everything you need to know about Playacar - Mexico (2023) (9)

Enjoy homemade pasta and sauces without artificial additives or preservatives.

Dishes are prepared to order with fresh imported and local ingredients. A true taste of Italy right here in Playacar!

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Curry Omm – Indio

To be honest being British my house has some of the best curries outside of India.

So I will say if you are from the UK or India this place will probably disappoint you but by Mexican curry standards,it's as good as it looks.

Everything you need to know about Playacar - Mexico (2023) (10)

If you've had enough of tacos and want to spice it up a bit, look no further as Curry Omm can be found in Playacar Fase 1.

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The Bistro – Mexican

Widely considered the best restaurant in Playacar! I recommend trying this place for yourself.

This meal was my favorite during my time in phase 2 at a nearby hotel. Have funexciting cocktails, delicious menu options and fabulous service, all at a reasonable price.

Everything you need to know about Playacar - Mexico (2023) (11)

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7. How to get around Playacar

One of the main reasons why I love Playa so much is that the vast majority of it is located downtown and in the Playacar area.fully accessible.

So if you like to go for a walk, you're in luck! It is absolutely feasible and recommendable.

The main roads in both stages are good for biking and jogging.

In phase 2 you can still afford sidewalks on both sides. Ooooo.

FYI, cycling should be restricted to the internal sidewalk loop, so please follow the rules while there.

What I love about Playacar is how well maintained and cared for it is.

Everything you need to know about Playacar - Mexico (2023) (12)

playacar hatPrivate securitypassing by and sees them checking checkpoints (usually markers on trees) to indicate that they have passed a certain point.

Also, there are cameras at every corner, which makes you feel very safe.

The area is peaceful, quiet and secluded without being too far from the hustle and bustle.


This place is the best of both worlds in my opinion.

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Playa del Carmen is generally a shopper's paradise.

You will find all the comforts of home such as:Sephora, Victoria's Secret, H&Metc.

There are actually no shops in Phase 1, but other than that it only takes a few minutes.Seconds from 5th AvenueYou are spoiled for choice here with a variety of fashion shops, bars, restaurants and even an Apple Store.

In phase 2 you will find a small onePlaza Tourist Center with a Starbuckswhen you need to have breakfast.

Everything you need to know about Playacar - Mexico (2023) (13)

Here you can buy typical last-minute souvenirs, and can often find many of the same things downtown has to offer, but possibly a bit cheaper.

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9. Housing and real estate

For apartments and real estate in Playacar you will find options from here300,000, but they are millions.

If you just look around you will see many million dollar ocean view villas for sale.

There are also many rental or Airbnb options for longer vacations.

Everything you need to know about Playacar - Mexico (2023) (14)

If you have the money, it's a fantastic place to invest. I hope it will only get busier over time as the area develops and becomes more popular.

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10. Weddings in Playacar

Due to its remoteness, incredible beach and world-class resorts, we find more and more couples talking to us about planning their travel destination.Wedding in Playacar.

our team ofexperienced wedding plannersHere at PlayaDelCarmen.Com we have helped plan hundreds of unforgettable events in the area.

Based on your budget, group size, and preferences, we'll find the best options and make sure you get all the discounts and benefits available.

Planning something spectacular away from home doesn't have to be daunting.

Everything you need to know about Playacar - Mexico (2023) (15)

We have a team of local, American, Canadian, British and European wedding planners ready to take care of your wedding.

They can help you decipher the best packages, explain the ins and outs of the destination wedding process, and help make group bookings go smoothly.

Contact us today athochzeiten@playadelcarmen.comand get the ball rolling...


Call our toll free number now888-537-9797.

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Have you been to Playacar recently? What were your thoughts? I would love to hear from you in the comments section below. 🙂



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