Cheap Flights from Newark Airport to Minot from $329 | (EEA - ITV) - KAYAK (2023)

Benefits:“The flight from EWR to MSP was extremely quiet. There were no loud engine noises.”

Opposites:“We were very disappointed with Newark Airport - the Delta Club was closed and there was no notification prior to arrival at the airport. I certainly missed that breakfast.

Benefits:"Very spacious."

Opposites:"N / D"

Benefits:"Die Snacks"

Opposites:"There was a flight attendant who was very rude."

Benefits:"There was no entertainment on the plane and the plane was very small..."

Opposites:"Explain better the flight situations..."

Opposites:"You were late. They wouldn't let us store our checked bags, which delayed us even more. Our next flight left without us while we waited for a gate to open to disembark the plane. Then there were no more flights. We had to fly to another one. city ​​and rent a car to get home."

Opposites:"Unofficial crew who said they had a 'seatbelt detector' to see if people were wearing their seatbelts. A delayed flight… with lies about why it was delayed.”


Opposites:"Problems with connecting flights so had to sit elsewhere, seat was broken"

Benefits:"The flight attendants were great! We had bad weather the entire flight and they handled everything really well"

Opposites:"N / D"

Benefits:"Yes...lots of leg room."

Opposites:"Very bumpy landing in Jackson".

Benefits:"Amazing crew and comfortable seats."

Opposites:"The entertainment system was not working"

Benefits:"The crew were excellent, the pilots informative and a very smooth and timely departure and arrival."

Opposites:"I sat in the last row where my seat didn't recline and it was noisy with no windows. It was claustrophobic!”

Opposites:"To Many Screaming Children"


Opposites:"Nothing worked. charging station. TELEVISION. Everything is calculated. Bad customer service. I make a lot more money flying a low-cost airline!"

Benefits:"Boarding was fast. The flight experience was good"

Opposites:"Leg room was less. The start was delayed"

Benefits:"He landed safely."

Opposites:"Late check out. Almost missed connection. Although we allowed a decent amount of time between flights. Something always causes delays when we leave Newark."

Benefits:"low price"

Opposites:"No vegetarian food on the flight, the stopover for the connecting flight was not enough"

Opposites:“Boarding issues caused delays after the plane had to be replaced. People were double booked. Then they landed on the runway because there was no ground crew.

Benefits:"The flight crew was excellent"

Opposites:"Our flight was changed/delayed due to smoke detector issues!! We lost a whole day on the trip and are very upset."

Benefits:"I couldn't sit down because I was in the emergency exit row, but I had extra space without a seat next to me, so it was fine."

Opposites:"I couldn't sit in my emergency exit row"

Benefits:"I've always wanted to visit all five Manhattan boroughs in one day. Thanks to Delta, we were able to do that.”

Opposites:“The plane broke down when we were about to take off. Delta rebooked everyone on new flights because it was so obvious the plane would not be fixed in time. The crew did all they could given the situation. The situation was absolutely bs However, for our new flight we had to take a taxi to JFK and do all the security again and all that annoying stuff. Thanks for wasting 8 hours of my life Delta."

Benefits:“I enjoy being a SkyMiles Gold member, which gives me the benefit of priority boarding. I also enjoy sitting in comfort on Delta, especially on long flights like the one from Los Angeles. Delta just got a whole lot better at connecting customers with their entertainment with the latest movies and satellite television. Also, the mobile app is great for checking in and tracking your bags."

Opposites:“Delta needs to improve its dining and snacking options. The snack options (cookies, chips, fruit, pretzels) weren't terrible, but could be better. As for food, Delta's menu is extremely limited and not worth the purchase price."

Benefits:"The flight crew was wonderful!"

Opposites:"Wasted my time with security and missed my flight"

Benefits:"Having wonderful flight attendants and pilots makes all the difference. Thank you ~Elana"

Opposites:"The short connection screwed me up"

Benefits:“Boarding didn't take long. The staff and staff were very nice and polite. Everything done on time.”

Opposites:"Well you get what you pay for so not really complaining here. The economy seats were a little tight. I'm 6ft tall and it wasn't comfortable for me. I can only imagine what it would be like for people getting bigger than me . The flight was too short for me. The snacks were good.”

Opposites:"Do not check in from Paris to Minsk"



Opposites:"The special meal I ordered was delivered to someone else. The entertainment system did not work properly and English subtitles were not provided for any of the movies unlike my previous Delta flights (for some reason only Chinese was available )”.


Benefits:"I liked that the plane arrived on time and had a smooth flight. The crew was also excellent."

Opposites:"N / D"

Benefits:"I flew with Delta"

Opposites:"Your information was Aeromexico"


Benefits:"When we left Ewr, everything went well"

Opposites:"Late start. Had to hurry to catch the last leg"

Benefits:"Liked: After check-in, I was given a luggage tag and told that the luggage would be picked up in Hyderabad, my last destination, the same said on the tag."

Opposites:"Disliked: During the transition from Mumbai to Hyderabad, I was told to pick up luggage in Mumbai and check in again, which left me worried and confused."

Opposites:"The flight was delayed an hour"

Opposites:"Super Small Plane"

Benefits:"The flight was fast, safe and the crew was courteous and attentive."


Benefits:“Both flights landed early. Flight attendants were excellent and very helpful.”

Opposites:"Small plane to Minneapolis with bathroom and flight to Sna did not fulfill my gluten-free meal request."

Benefits:"There were pretzels. Wifi, but I brought my own entertainment."

Benefits:"Getting updates over the phone allowed me to stay and work instead of walking back and forth to the door."

Opposites:"The flight was supposed to arrive at 10 pm and we didn't arrive until 2 am."

Benefits:"The crew was very friendly. They boarded and disembarked quickly. The flight arrived early."

Benefits:"The best receptionists on the market."

Benefits:"After 4 delayed and missed flights they put me in a motel"

Opposites:“I tried several times to make arrangements and was put on hold for 30 to 53 minutes while trying to guess flights. Not allowed on a flight after being hit multiple times due to only first class seats being available. Running through the airport with all my luggage only to be told I couldn't get on even though the flight took another 5 minutes."

Opposites:"Everything was great"

Opposites:"Flight delayed indefinitely. Delta said they booked me on a United flight but made a mistake.

Benefits:"The first class flight attendant was excellent."

Opposites:"Smooth Flight in Time"

Opposites:“The boarding was delayed due to the unavailability of the crew. Entertainment was canceled due to onboard connectivity issues. No cookies or snacks were served compared to the outbound flight where 3 snacks were offered!”

Opposites:"The flight was delayed by almost five hours."

Benefits:"I like the distance between the chairs and the little things that made the trip good"

Opposites:"Best Food"


Benefits:"Good people."

Opposites:"Not enough space in the living room."

Opposites:“United's proverbial poor service, compounded this time by weather-related flight delay. When the boarding agents are nowhere to be seen and you only get a quick departure update via the app, you know the flight must be booked on a different airline."

Benefits:"The team was very friendly"

Opposites:"Terminal C at Newark Airport is a complete disaster"

Benefits:"The staff was great. They let me sleep and were kind and professional."


Opposites:"The Wi-Fi rarely worked and I paid almost $30 for it"

Opposites:"The pilot was late"

Benefits:"The seat was comfortable, but you paid for the extra legroom"



Opposites:"Nothing. It was as you expected. Convenient, accident-free transportation."

Benefits:"Very fast and efficient"



Opposites:"The airport staff is the rudest I've ever seen. The terminals are extremely close together and crowded."

Benefits:"2 hours late"

Benefits:"Let's go"

Opposites:"Let's go"

Benefits:"I was flying business class and the audio was not working. The flight attendant tried her best but could only reset.

Opposites:"Curb Crew"

Benefits:"I was able to change seats because mine was in the back. I'm really happy with that."


Opposites:"Too late"

Opposites:"The seats, separated from my wife!"

Opposites:"The lady at baggage control in Newark wasn't rude, but she wasn't very friendly either. She could have done better if she hadn't been so serious. Other than that, everything was fine."

Benefits:"Everything went according to plan."

Opposites:"Best Customer Service".

Benefits:“United Airlines did a decent job on the flight back to LAS for a change, unlike our flight from BUF to EEA which got canceled and we had to go to Newark, which was not only disappointing but even more tempting for us. witness the indifference of the. "customer service.

Opposites:"We will not be choosing UA for our family from now on. A bit of confusion even trying to contact customer service by phone, wait time is 15-20 minutes?"

Opposites:"Three Hours Late"

Benefits:"Free drinks, free entertainment and free WiFi after a two hour delay."

Opposites:"Two hours late, United delays are becoming more common."

Benefits:"Had to cancel."

Opposites:"Awaiting Refund"

Opposites:"There were no entertainment alternatives."

Opposites:"Excellent advertised price without bags and without changes. Cancellation within 24 hours."

Benefits:"Hassle-free, pressure-free service"

Opposites:"I loved"

Benefits:"The plane was newer"

Opposites:"A no-frills airline"

Benefits:"Great safe return flight"

Opposites:"No Rainbow"

Benefits:"The crew was very friendly and welcoming. What a fantastic experience!"

Benefits:"Smooth Entry"

Opposites:"No entertainment available unless paid for."



Benefits:"It was good"


Opposites:"My flight was delayed several times, the planned wait time of 2 hours and 15 minutes turned into 4 hours. I am very disappointed."

Benefits:"Good pilot landed very well in bad weather"

Opposites:"Goal changes and last-minute delays".

Opposites:“The boarding was unnecessarily disorganized. The board's announcement did not specify which flight. The use of group lines was not explained before the actual boarding. The staff did not always use the microphone to explain boarding. Very noisy group of travelers boarding an overnight flight. Very small bathroom sink area."


Opposites:"Larger than normal plane..."

Benefits:"The price was right"

Opposites:"Bathroom was disgusting"

Opposites:"Is the flight delayed"

Benefits:“We liked everything, no problem! United made our flight great!”


Benefits:"The entrance and headroom were good."

Opposites:"Too hot."

Benefits:"The crew, friendly."

Opposites:“We left about 15 to 20 minutes late. Full flight, no room to stretch. Form sent at the end of the flight without enough time to complete. No pen offered.

Benefits:"Great short flight"


Opposites:"All services!"

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