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Benefits:"Cleanliness. Security. Kindness."

Benefits:"The staff was wonderful"

Disadvantages:"For this to end COVID"

Disadvantages:"Just an old plane. It still had ashtrays. But overall it was fine because it arrived safely and the professionalism of the crew was highly commendable."

Benefits:"The crew understood and understood the customer's frustration with a delayed flight."

Disadvantages:“Delta should have found a way not to delay the flight. All the flights were delayed.

Disadvantages:"It was hot"

Benefits:“The team was great, especially Fawn. The best flight attendant I have ever had.”

Benefits:"In all aspects"


Disadvantages:"Touch screen is not very responsive, required a lot of taps to click."


Disadvantages:“In the first step, the server 'ran' down the aisle and I missed drinks/snacks twice. The seats have ridiculously little legroom from hip to knee - I'm a 5'10" female.

Benefits:"beautiful team"

Disadvantages:"Flight delayed due to EWR on the ground. Two screaming kids right behind me."


Disadvantages:"WiFi never connects food"

Benefits:"The staff is great, very friendly, nice"

Disadvantages:"WiFi doesn't work for a long time and you have to wait a long time to watch anything. Upside down TV is ok"

Benefits:“The food, comfort, entertainment and treatment of the crew on this flight was spectacular. There was plenty of food, good conversation, and most importantly, the seats were spacious and comfortable."

Disadvantages:"Very old plane, 767-300. Bathrooms need a better and more complete makeover."

Benefits:"The food was good. The flight was on time. The plane was clean. The crew loved it! I flew with them and came back with was great!"

Disadvantages:“Not knowing that we were taken from the terminal to the plane earlier because of this caused a bit of chaos and panic. My TV was broken.

Disadvantages:"Need First Class Vegetarian Food"

Benefits:"the most comfortable seats, the plane was not too crowded"

Disadvantages:"No mobile charging port."

Disadvantages:"Online check-in didn't work. I called Delta 800# and the agent said I had to wait until I got to the airport. The airport agent said I had to use the KLM flight number, not the Delta number. w"

Benefits:"Everything went well - very satisfied"

Benefits:"Everything. Very good courteous ok"

Benefits:"The crew and boarding were excellent, which is what I expect from a premium airline like Delta."

Disadvantages:"Perfect day, not a busy day or flight time. The email about the plane delay came late. Earlier information would have been good. So we didn't wait at the airport."

Benefits:"Drink carts passed twice"

Disadvantages:"Even though there were solar chips, they didn't give them to everyone. Only people who paid on the bus got the solar chips. The rest of us got that sad bag of pretzels and cheese chips. Very sad. Delta shouldn't not offer it to everyone. Same snacks? Seems like such a small extra effort compared to such an offensive action. The money saved will surely be wasted on bad publicity."

Benefits:"The staff was efficient and friendly"

Disadvantages:"The plane was delayed due to weather conditions and they oversold the flight they had to offer to offer $400 towards the next flight, which wasn't until the next morning. There was no entertainment system on the plane."

Disadvantages:"No LCD screen for entertainment."

Benefits:"Friendly and helpful staff"

Disadvantages:"Half an hour late and no leg room"

Benefits:"Serene Flight"

Disadvantages:"45 minute delay (due to the airport, not the airline)

Benefits:"Electrical outlets, snacks, drinks."

Disadvantages:"Boarding (faster if rear of plane boards first), delay, insufficient seat space, no prior app notification required to access entertainment, app not available on Kindle Fire."

Benefits:"The crew was nice. Very fluid flight"

Disadvantages:“Due to the flight delay, we had to get seats at boarding. She offered us two seats in the back. I knew they weren't going to back down, so I said no. The woman in front of her had been given two seats in the Comfort Plus. I did not offer this and it was rude. There were at least a few openings in that area. As a courtesy to us as 1) we arrived late in Costa Rica. And then 2) a long wait for the connecting flight in Atlanta would have been reasonable to offer those seats. that was left empty

Benefits:“Boarding was fast. The staff and staff were friendly. Despite the 30-minute delay at the track, everything went smoothly. They gave us snacks and we still arrived on time.”



Benefits:"Compelling with online applications and TSA pre-check"

Disadvantages:"The plane was noisy and the seats were very uncomfortable and very close together..."

Benefits:"Flight attendants were nice."

Disadvantages:"The coffee was bad and lukewarm! It was very cold in the cabin and then very hot."


Disadvantages:"Delayed and inoperative satellite TV"

Benefits:"Regional Aircraft Nights!"

Disadvantages:"It was a regional jet..."

Benefits:"Variety of entertainment options, many complementary, which was definitely a nice addition."

Disadvantages:“There was a slight delay just before boarding, which was not the fault of the airline, but the destination's air traffic control. Too bad, but things happen.

Disadvantages:"Delayed departure from the airport, there was a problem with the web check-in. The crew could not give me the boarding pass for the connecting flight and they kept saying that I am going to the other counter."

Benefits:"The service on board and the quality of the food were excellent."

Disadvantages:"A selection of Indian films would be desirable."

Benefits:“I received an upgrade to a Delta Comfort+ seat. It gives me more space and more comfort.”

Disadvantages:“I didn't get a chance to select seats in advance. They also did not tell me where to get my boarding pass, as there is no China Southern counter at the Detroit airport."

Benefits:"boarding was efficient"

Disadvantages:"My luggage did not arrive"

Disadvantages:"Sitting on the catwalk for 3+ hours without water, snacks, or even video entertainment screens or plugs to charge phones"

Benefits:"Courteous and Efficient"


Benefits:"The crew was very accommodating and helpful, and the new entertainment systems with free movies are great. Due to the heat in the cabin, we received additional drink and water service afterwards."

Disadvantages:"The air above my seat was not working for the entire flight and there were issues with the air throughout the cabin, making it uncomfortably hot throughout the flight."

Benefits:“I'm not sure, but I felt the island was wider than before or with other airlines.

Benefits:"You've got to be kidding! There's nothing good to say about that bow tie! The sad part, I'm an American Express Delta SkyMiles credit card holder and they couldn't do anything for me. The only good thing is we're going to Mexico ".

Disadvantages:"I'm flying to Mexico with my two kids! For starters, I have to call Delta to get us a seat together since the fight schedule has changed! Before we sit in the middle of the plane when one reserved three seats together." it is!! but then i got an email confirmation with seperate seattle for the kids!! we ended up sitting on the plane!! we ended up sitting on the plane myself!! no tv and no windows in the seat with two kids next to it, one of only two toilets on the plane which was no fun at all. The sad part is that I am an American Express Delta SkyMiles credit card holder and when I called them they couldn't do anything for me.

Benefits:"Like the smallest plane: fewer oddities!"

Disadvantages:"It would have been better without the delay, but the plane arrived in Atlanta late."

Disadvantages:"I loved everything about my trip"

Disadvantages:"1.5 hours late"

Benefits:"First class food was very good. The flight was smooth and we were early."

Disadvantages:“Boarding agents lost control of the crowd from the start. The first class crew on our side of the plane were not attentive, although on the other half of the plane the crew seemed very attentive. This is one of the poorest first class seats in the industry. The "lying down" seat is just that, a lie. It is inclined, although not as steep as some. Foot Cubby is cramped and restrictive, bordering on claustrophobic."

Benefits:"Excellent crew and service. Drinks were served throughout the day. Everyone was very friendly."

Disadvantages:"Narrow and uncomfortable little plane."

Benefits:“Delta focuses on customer service, especially in business class. Great airline. I love the attitude of the team."

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