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Welcome to Villa Playaakun, a spectacular luxuriously furnished five-bedroom beachfront property that sleeps fourteen guests in the utmost luxury. This villa is a private ecological property with a coral reef just 100 meters away on one side and a natural lagoon on the other. This vacation home is truly one of a kind and the perfect place to make memories with your loved ones that will last a lifetime.

The spectacularly beautiful natural setting adds to the ultra-stylish design of the villa, which never fails to amaze visitors. Light, airy, minimalist decor with modern Mexican accents and open-plan living areas convey a sense of calm, space, and true relaxation.

Wake up to stunning sunrises in the four oceanfront bedrooms, all with air conditioning, and in the garden view bedroom, allowing you to move with nature. All rooms have spectacular views in the morning for a fantastic start to the day. You can admire beautiful sunsets from the nearby lagoon.

The master bedroom with its cozy king-size bed and the large outdoor terrace and the sea at your fingertips will immediately delight your mornings. Just open the curtains and step outside to enjoy the magnificent view. This spacious and bright room offers air conditioning, a ceiling fan, a double vanity and an en-suite bathroom with a tropical shower, a safe and, last but not least, access to the pool from the terrace.


The beautiful second bedroom with its mix of new and vintage furniture has a warm and welcoming atmosphere. An outward-facing king-size bed, maximizing your opportunity to take in the wonderful views. This bedroom also has easy access to the pool, as well as an en-suite bathroom with a shower and stunning sea views.

Bedroom number three is beautifully decorated with rich blue and purple fabrics that perfectly complement the white walls and Mexican hardwood furniture. With a king size bed, private bath, pool and patio access, this really is a lovely room to enjoy a good night's sleep.

The bedroom next door is elegantly decorated with pops of color that complement the white textured walls. This is a bright room with a king-size bed, pool access, and a private bathroom.

The last bedroom is undoubtedly the most welcoming of all, with two single beds and a double bed and an en-suite bathroom. The relaxing garden view is absolutely stunning from this room; Admire it without leaving the comfort of your own bed in the morning, as you slowly wake up to birdsong.


The large and spacious open plan living room has something for everyone. Whether you're looking to gather with family and loved ones at the bar or make time for yourself on the couch, there's something for everyone. A guest favorite is the comfortable circular seating area on the lower level, ideal for conversation over evening cocktails while taking in the beauty of nature or taking time to read or nap. Soft cushions are spread out on this large sofa for everyone to enjoy. The dining room is on one side and the main dining room table is on the opposite side. All guests will find a comfortable space here, whether for a meal, a board game or breakfast. This is a luxurious interior with a truly magical view.

Playaakun is located within the Sian Ka'an Biosphere, which is a UNESCO protected reserve, which means that you are sitting on a pristine Caribbean beach surrounded by lush vegetation and coconut palms. The villa has its own private beach, as well as a large terraced area with a large rounded infinity pool. Around the pool, there are sun loungers to soak up the Mexican heat and casual al fresco dining where you can enjoy the view and an amazing meal at the same time. You can also continue to the terrace. This is really one of the most beautiful places. As a part is in the shade and the rest in the sun, the roof terrace is a great place to relax. Long built-in sofas line the walls with coffee tables to place your drinks or play cards, then there are smaller sets of two chairs and a table at each end. Here you can catch up with a loved one and catch up with the busy lives of others while basking in the bright sunshine.

An incredible advantage of this villa is that it is fully equipped; You don't have to lift a finger if you don't want to. Of course, this also includes a private chef who will be happy to prepare any meal he desires. This service makes your vacation that much more relaxing while you enjoy the most delicious food every day.

This villa is located in the Riviera Maya, which is one of theThe best places to visit in MexicoIs one ofThe safest places in Mexico. There's plenty to do here, from relaxing by the sea, learning about local history and culture, to exploring the local towns. Playaakun is only 30 minutes from the incredible Tulum Ruins and the city of Tulum. There are unlimited ways to pass the time, but the most important thing is to have a great vacation with the people you love the most.

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Our experienced concierge team will be happy to assist you with any of your needs or queries. so don't hesitateContact Us.


room 1Accommodations: king-size bed, terrace access, air conditioning, ceiling fan, double sinks, en-suite shower, sea view, terrace pool access, safe
room 2: King Size Bed, Pool Access, Air Conditioning, Ceiling Fan, Bathroom with Shower, Ocean View, Safe, Terrace
room 3: King size bed, Access to the pool, Air conditioning, Ceiling fan, Double sink, Private bathroom with shower, Ocean view, Safe, Terrace
room 4: king size bed, access to the pool, air conditioning, bathroom with shower, sea view, safe, terrace
room 5: 2 single beds, double bed, air conditioning, ceiling fan, private bathroom, garden view

Included in this reservation:
• Housekeeping
• Koch Service
• Gardener
• Laundry service
• administrative property
• Porter Service
Additional cost
• Airport transfer
• Reserve of groceries

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• Air conditioner
• Breakfast bar
• Ceiling fans
• Kitchen fully equiped
• Media room
• Netflix
• Sicherheitsbox
• Wi-Fi access
• Outdoor dining area
• the grid
• Loungers and sun loungers
• Beach bets
• Garden chairs
• Networks
• Infinity pool
• Rest area
• Merblick
• Terrace
• Pool
• Terrace

IMPORTANT NOTICE REGARDING RATES: Please note that the prices for this villa are dynamic and may change without notice. Please ask for exact prices.

Good to know
• Please note that taxes and deposits are in addition to the listed price.
• Service charge 5% Occupancy tax 3% Government tax 16%
• A mandatory cash deposit of USD 2,000 is required upon arrival.
• No Smoking
• Prices are based on 10 guests
• The maximum number of guests is 14
• Additional $150 per additional guest for groups of 10 or more
• Check-in is anytime after 4:00 p.m. m. and check-out before 11:00 a.m. m.
• All credit card holders must be at least 25 years old at the time of check-in
• At the end of the guest's stay, a 5% service fee will be charged on the bill for meals and on-site services.
• House includes everything except alcoholic beverages

* The villa is built in a sustainable and ecological way and operates according to the rules and regulations of the UNESCO nature reserve. We do advance purchase of Sian Ka'an park entrance tickets that are $5 per person per day and will be added to your bill at the end of your stay.

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**Please note that it is not allowed to bring ATVs, water sports equipment such as kitesurfing boards or audio equipment as Sian Ka'an is a protected reserve. Fishing is also prohibited to protect endangered marine life. Also, pets are not allowed.

It is also important to note that the roads in Sian Ka'an are not paved and therefore distances and times may vary depending on the time of year and the quality/condition of the road.

Please note that the Riviera Maya can be affected by natural algae during the warmer months of the year due to the warmer weather and fluctuating ocean currents.


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