13 Incredible Benefits of Celibacy for Health and Spirituality | holy speech (2023)

Celibacy is the most underrated thing in the world today because of the misnomers associated with it. The benefits of celibacy are innumerable. Celibacy can make a person superhuman in terms of mental and physical abilities. It can take you to a level where you are at least better than 3/4 of the people living on earth. Today, modern medical science speaks loudly about its benefits.

13 Incredible Benefits of Celibacy for Health and Spirituality | holy speech (1)

Sperm retention is so celebrated around the world because sperm comes from the bone marrow, which is hidden in the bones. It is found in subtle form in every cell of the body. Chyle really gets into food. The blood is made by the kilo.

Then the flesh comes out of the blood. The fat comes from the meat. So the bone comes out of the fat. So the bone makes the marrow in it. Finally, the seed leaves the bone marrow.These are the Sapta Dhatus, which are the basic essence of the body. The sperm is the essence of essences.

According to modern medical science, a drop of semen is made up of 40 drops of blood. According to Ayurveda, it consists of 80 drops of blood. Just as sugar permeates everything in sugar cane, butter in milk, so semen permeates the entire body.

Just as buttermilk is diluted after butter is removed, semen is also diluted due to its waste. The more sperm is wasted, the greater the weakness. Below are some of the key benefits of celibacy.

1Preparation of a photographic memory.
2It helps to have a better perception.
3Bless a person with longevity.
4power of prayer
5makes you a force
6spiritual life
7depression free
8supernatural powers
9best view
10unlimited happiness
11Pure heart
12Benefits of Astrology
13other benefits

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Health benefits of celibacy

There are so many health benefits of being celibate. The sperm, which is the main nutritional energy of the body, is transformed into sublime energy and nourishes the body. Celibacy actually improves health because the subtle energy of sperm nourishes health. Celibacy improves immunity and improves health.

Listed below are some of the physical and mental health benefits of celibacy:

#1 – – – Celibacy confers a photographic memory

Yes, this is the most common trait seen in all singles. A celibate person develops a virtual nerve in his brain that helps him remember everything he has seen, heard, and learned. It is possible for a person who has been abstinent for at least 4 years. But 14 years of celibacy is the standard guideline for that.

This can be seen in the lives of the greatest saints like Swami Vivekananda, Leonardo da Vinci, Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, Said Nursi, etc. It is a known fact that a person who indulges in sex or masturbation has many memory problems.

(Video) Benefits of Being Celibate | Super Power of Brahmachary/Celibacy | Celibacy Benefits By Sadhguru

If a person lives celibately for 14 years, he can even remember the events that happened when he was 1 year old.

#2 – – – Helps to have a better perception

Celibacy is the only solution to brain fog and it is actually one of the wonderful health benefits of celibacy. Brain fog can be caused by many causes, such as: B. Difficulty concentrating, difficulty remembering things, confusion, and lack of mental clarity. low T levels can lead to "mild cognitive impairment (MCI)."

An article published by Olivier Beauchet in the European Journal of Endocrinology talks about the connection between low testosterone levels and cognitive ability. Again, only yogis and scientists have a better understanding because of the power of celibacy.

Low endogenous testosterone levels are directly proportional to reduced cognitive ability

#3 – – – Bless one with longevity

ayus tejo balam viryam
prajna sris ca yasas tatha
punyata satpriyatvam ca
Vardhate Brahmacharya

"Through the practice of brahmacharya (celibacy), longevity, brilliance, strength, power, knowledge, beauty, fame, piety, and devotion to truth are increased."

It is said that only meditation and celibacy are the keys to longevity. This is the only reason why yogis have lived in the Himalayas for centuries. They live for at least 100 to 200 years. This is also one of the health benefits of celibacy:

What yogic science said 1000 years ago is now being realized by medical science. Yes, an increase in testosterone levels achieved by being celibate helps build significant muscle mass. Testosterone plays a role in promoting muscle protein synthesis, so low free testosterone levels are associated with muscle atrophy. While low T levels can lead to loss of muscle mass.

Studies show that total serum testosterone is lower in men with Alzheimer's disease. A person doesn't really start to age until they have less T. This is truly the greatest benefit of celibacy.

#4 – – – Benefits of celibacy for mental health

A study was conducted on 3987 men, depressed men had significantly lower testosterone levels compared to non-depressed men.Depressed men receiving testosterone therapy report significant improvements in mood.It is a clear indication that there is a strong relationship between celibacy and psychological stability.

(Video) "This Is The Sacred Secret" | INSTANT THIRD EYE ACTIVATION

That is why it is said in the Hindu scriptures that the celibate will never fear anything in his life. Those who suffer from depression or any kind of addiction can start celibacy. Being celibate will greatly improve mental health and promote depression.

#5 – – – Benefits of celibacy for eyesight, skin and hair

Yes, there is a great connection between celibacy and vision. Those who practice celibacy have proven that their eyes are filled with great brilliance. Since celibacy gives you great focus in life, it will also affect the focus of your eyes. In ancient times there was a myth that "masturbation causes blindness" although this is not true but it will severely damage vision.

Once the seed begins to move upwards, it will gradually feed the cells of the brain and eyes in the same way that it was previously used to feed the entire body. It also gives light to the face, which in yogic terms is called "Bramha Tejas".

Being celibate also promotes glowing skin and also improves hair growth as celibacy allows for a tension free life.

13 Incredible Benefits of Celibacy for Health and Spirituality | holy speech (3)

Spiritual benefits of celibacy

Celibacy is the foundation of spirituality. If you look at all the religions in the world, they scream about the importance of celibacy in spirituality. Spirituality cannot exist without celibacy:

#6 --- Bless the power of prayer

Yes, celibacy can give you the power to influence the masses. There is a difference between saying a few words from a celibate man and a normal man. What is spoken of celibacy makes a difference.

This can be witnessed through the life of Swami Vivekananda. Can you believe that simple words like "America's brothers and sisters" can make such an impression? This is definitely not possible. Someone asked Swami Vivekananda how he could influence such crowds with just these words.

He told them: "In all my life I have never seen anyone with bad thoughts, that is, the power of purity of thoughts gave me such powers."

Surely only celibacy can give you such powers to influence the masses.

(Video) Celibacy in Spirituality - (the REAL reason it is practiced)

#7 --- Being celibate can make you a powerhouse

Ayurveda talks a lot about the power of sperm and celibacy. There is nothing impossible in the world for a celibate. Below are the words of Charaka: "All beings on this earth can work on this earth thanks to the power of sperm."

“Sidde bindou mahayatne kimna siddyathi buthale yasya prasadanmayema ​​​​mamapyatadrutho baveth” – All the impossible things in the world are possible for a person who tries to maintain his celibacy.

Another Shankaracharya quote "Maranam bindupathena jivanam bindudaraneth" - means killing sperm is death and using it is birth.

#8 – – – Benefits of celibacy in the growth of spirituality

There is no spiritual life without celibacy. Celibacy and independence are the two pillars of spirituality, without them there is no spirituality. You have to become a Brahmacharya to realize "Brahma (God)". This is the only reason why all the religions on earth talk about celibacy and its importance in the spiritual life.

Celibacy helps a lot in spiritual growth by maintaining the integration of the body. The sperm becomes ojas when celibacy is practiced, then ojas starts to rise in the spinal cord, then kundalini rises:

Srila Prabhupada: Brahmacarya is very, very essential. When one becomes deceitful about sexual life, that is the beginning of spiritual life."

Matthew 5:28, "But I tell you that whoever looks at a woman lustfully has already committed adultery with her in his heart."

Lord Krishna: "Sensuality destroys life, luster, strength, vitality, memory, wealth, great fame, holiness, and devotion to the Supreme."

#9 --- The supernatural power of celibacy

It is common knowledge in India that being celibate or brahmacharya brings with it supernatural powers. Someone who has reached 14 years of celibacy can easily read other people's minds. This can be seen in the life of Swami Vivekananda and in the lives of other saintly persons. Not only reading minds, but also using willpower, celibacy can cure any kind of disease in others. There is a lot of power to fight in trouble.

#10 – – – Source of unlimited happiness

A celibate who establishes himself with the holding power of sperm will always be happy. He is no longer dependent on anyone for his physical pleasures, he is always independent. A celibate is now no longer dependent on others and is free from the slavery of sensual feelings that bring him unlimited happiness. He connected with the inner self, which is an unlimited source of energy and happiness.

(Video) 🙊 The Untold Benefits of Celibacy!! #LEVELS

#11 – – – Benefits for a pure heart and spiritual growth

A true celibate is always pure of heart. He never sees a man or a woman with lustful eyes. A celibate will give up the physical feeling to which he is attached. He always sees God or himself in every creature he sees in his life. The innocence and pure heart of celibacy are enough to overcome any difficult situation in life.

If everyone in this country becomes celibate then there will be no place for violence in this country as a man/woman with a pure heart cannot commit a crime.

Swami Vivekanada says, "Only a good character can break through the wall of difficulties."

#12 – – – Can cure bad Venus in the horoscope

Venus is known to represent the sperm in astrology because Venus represents the most refined part. Since the semen is the most refined part, Venus rules the semen. Venus also rules relationships in the horoscope. If someone is not good at maintaining relationships with people, sperm preservation or celibacy can help them improve their Venus.

If a man's relationship with his wife is not good and he can stop wasting sperm unnecessarily, then his relationship with his wife will improve.

#13 --- Some celibacy superpowers

The practice of celibacy grants good health, inner strength, peace of mind, firmness and longevity. Helps conserve physical and mental energy. Increases memory, willpower, clear thinking, concentration and the ability to understand philosophical questions. Gives physical strength, vigour, vitality, courage, daring and strength of character.

Divine knowledge comes naturally to those who practice celibacy.

Click here to learn how to maintain celibacy

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